How to Avoid Mistakes and Practice Proper Electrical Safety
September 25, 2015
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Is a D.I.Y. Electrical Project A Good Idea?

Did you know that you can easily get electrocuted from your average household appliance if the wiring is faulty. The human body can sustain a fatal shock of electricity in as little as 42 volts. It’s a plausible reality, and one that should scare you a little bit if you aren’t careful.  More than 60,000 people have a fire in their home each year due to electrical wiring problems. You don’t want to risk installing some wiring incorrectly, which is why we strongly recommend reaching out to a Charlotte electrician.

Many older houses have electrical panels that aren’t up to code. This is quite a hard project to update for the average home owner. Older wiring can be an issue too.

So the question is: Are DIY electrical projects a good idea? Not really. Unless you have some experience in taking courses at a certified electrical school then you probably aren’t qualified to work on home electrical DIY projects in your own home.
It’s so much safer to go with an electrical contractor like a Charlotte electrician.

Charlotte electrical contractors are happy to help you complete any electrical projects in your home since they are highly trained, bonded and insured to work in your home. Here are some of the common services they can provide to you.

    • Update Your Electrical Panel (Make It Up To Code) – This is especially important if you plan on selling your home to get it past the inspection.
    • Put In New Sockets – This can help you be able to plug in larger appliances with 110 or 220 volt outlets.
    • Ceiling Fans – Always a welcome addition to any home for aesthetic reasons, and cooling ones.
    • Light Fixture Updates – Makes a home brighter and more light efficient.
    • Repairing Broken Switches – Just good common sense to not have broken switches in your home. You’ll be glad you got them replaced.

You might think you could tackle some of these projects in your home on your own, but it’s just not that easy or safe.  The internet has many DIY videos that seem like they will help you do-it-yourself. Unless you are completely alright with the chance of being electrically shocked, you should go with a professional Charlotte electrical contractor like that of On Time Electric right here in Charlotte. You’ll be much safer if you do. An electrical shock can easily be fatal, or a house fire can demolish everything you have worked for so you shouldn’t take that chance.

Do you have any questions regarding your home’s electrical system? Don’t wait – contact the expert team at On Time Electric today at (704) 981-2856 and let us help!