Generator Repair Service & Installation

Home electric generators are used to make sure you have power if there is an electrical outage. Different levels of generator offer different levels of service. A small generator might power just the basics, or you can get a generator with enough power to power your entire home without skipping a beat in a power outage. When you buy a generator, you are buying peace of mind. You might not ever need it, but it is nice to know it is there if you do.


Since your generator is used only rarely, it may have a problem that you will not know about until it is too late. it is important to run it on a regular basis to make sure everything is ok. As a part of maintenance, it is a good idea to organize a generator repair service once a year. Many electricians offer a maintenance plan, so you will not even have to remember to get it checked.

If you require electrical generator repair, it is wise to have an electrician do the work. Very few people have the expertise to do electric generator repair service.


If you use a portable generator as a power source while camping, for instance, there is no installation required. You may just make sure it has fuel, and use it as needed.

A home generator is much more complex as it is wired directly into the power system of your home. Some people do attempt this themselves, but unless you are an electrician, it can be a dangerous thing to do. If not done properly it may not work, or even worse, it could create a fire and destroy your home.

A licensed electrician has the expertise to make sure it is installed correctly, and that it will be safe. They may also help you decide how big of a generator you should get in order to provide the power you want for your home. If power outages are relatively rare, a smaller one may work fine.

Getting the wiring done correctly is crucial and a professional is needed to make sure it is safe. Some cities also require a permit, and having it installed professionally can only help with that process.

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Another important aspect to consider is your fuel source. You will likely need a tank of some kind, and you may use natural gas, kerosene or some other petroleum product.

Part of the installation is making sure your fuel source is installed correctly and that it is safe. A maintenance plan should also include making sure the fuel is adequate for your needs and that the lines are in good working order and that there are no leaks. An electrician can make sure the fuel lines are connected correctly to your generator.

Professional Generator Repair Service Means Peace of Mind

When buying a home generator, you are getting some peace of mind. Add to that safety and assurance by having a professional generator repair electrician do the installation and maintenance on your home generator. contact us to find out more!