Electrical Protection Plans in Charlotte, NC

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Keep Your Electrical System Dependaworthy

Take the stress out of electrical services. Our Dependaworthy Electrical Protection Plan helps protect your home investment and ensures you’re always covered for just $199 a year. It’s another example of how our Charlotte electricians are dedicated to giving you Dependaworthy comfort and satisfaction.

Electrical Inspection PlanThe Dependaworthy Electrical Plan Includes:

  • An annual electrical safety inspection
  • 15% discount on electrical parts and repairs
  • Priority service and scheduling
  • Free estimates for all renovation projects
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty on electrical repairs

Our Electrical Protection Pan helps us identify potential electrical hazards or current problems and offer you the right electrical service solutions that suit your needs. We can also recommend different options for energy-saving products.

Our Dependaworthy inspections cover:

  • Smoke detector operation and batteries
  • Receptacles for reverse polarity
  • Mechanical parts for proper operation
  • Ground fault receptacles for proper operation
  • Service entrance cables
  • Exterior service meter and panel
  • Power company termination points
  • Exterior grounding connection
  • Proper mounting of equipment
  • Grounding and bonding points
  • Loose termination points
  • Trip setting for installed breakers
  • Grounding bridge interior and exterior
  • Correct voltage rating
  • Operation and size of the main breaker
  • Corroded connection points
  • Acceptable amperage readings