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Wiring is the heart of your entire electrical system. Outdated or improperly connected wiring puts your home or business at risk of electrical fires and other hazards.

Whether you live in an older home with obsolete wiring or you discovered improper connections during a renovation, trust On Time Electrical for Dependaworthy help. We provide partial or whole-house rewiring for customers throughout the Greater Charlotte area. Our electricians have the training and experience necessary to ensure Dependaworthy rewiring to keep you safe.

Dangers of Outdated Wiring

House Rewiring Charlotte NCIf built decades ago your residential or commercial property, it’s likely that you have issues with wiring. One of the most notorious wiring in older homes in the Charlotte area is aluminum wiring.

Aluminum wiring poses the following risks:

  • It deteriorates easily
  • The material rusts over time
  • It expands and contracts when it’s hot
  • It’s prone to overheating and electrical fires

Request Whole-House Rewiring in Charlotte

Unsure if you have obsolete wiring? Our Dependaworthy Charlotte electricians can provide you with a thorough electrical inspection to see if your home has aluminum wiring or other potential issues. Once identified, we can rewire your home with copper wiring—the “gold standard” in Charlotte house wiring because of its safety and superior conductivity.

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