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Dependaworthy Electrical Meter Can Repair or Replacement

The electrical meter can outside your home or business can wear out over time. It can also get damaged by poor weather or a simple accident. Whether there is visible damage on the meter can or the readings seem inconsistent, this is not a repair to put off.

If your meter can is broken, it is the property owner’s responsibility to get it replaced. At On Time Electrical, our professional electricians are trained and experienced in providing Dependaworthy electrical meter can replacement.

What Is an Electrical Meter Can?

The Meter Can houses your meter. An electrical meter, also known as an energy meter, measures the electric energy used by a home or business for billing purposes. Most electrical meters are analog allowing you to read the display units and monitor energy use easily. More importantly, it helps operators figure out if there is an electrical issue in the building.

Electrical Meter Can ReplacementThe power company has responsibility for the meter itself. The can is your responsibility.

Meter Can Problem Warning Signs

  • Sudden spikes in your electrical bill
  • Display errors on the meter
  • Meter is unresponsive or not working

If you notice any of these warning signs, it is time for an inspection by a professional. On Time Electrical can help you avoid further issues like paying a higher electrical bill than your actual usage. Our Dependaworthy electricians are trained and experienced in diagnosing electrical meter can issues and providing solutions.

Dependaworthy Electrical Services

If you’re not a licensed electrician, do not try to repair or replace an electrical meter can yourself. The risk of electrocution is high, which is why you need On Time Electrical. Contact us so you can rest assured that we’ll get your meter can back up and running in no time.

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