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Powering Homes & Businesses in Matthews & the Surrounding Areas

We’ve all been there before: You go to turn on the light or use an appliance, and nothing happens. In some cases, the problems may be more serious and disruptive to your life, but regardless of the severity of the issue, you need an electrician that can provide a reliable, affordable solution. On Time Electrical is here to help. We are an electrical repair company in Charlotte that can assist you with your electrical problems of every size and scope.

Our Charlotte electricians are equipped to fix or replace:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Outlets
  • Switches and panels
  • Electric cables

Throughout the years, we have provided both residential and commercial electrical services in Charlotte and beyond. It’s important that you leave these types of projects to the pros. These are not your typical DIY projects like painting and flooring, and they can lead to serious damage or injury if not handled appropriately. We look forward to doing the same for you.

To request a free estimate, reach out to On Time Electrical today at (704) 675-7400. We provide electrical repairs to customers in Charlotte, Matthews, and the surrounding areas.

Diagnosing Problems

The first step to fixing the wiring in your home begins with fully understanding how everything is connected. Your electrical fixtures (outlet covers, lights, and fans) are only the facade of a very complex system of energy. And doing more than simply uncovering them requires detailed knowledge. If a switch goes out or is hot to the touch, do you just need a single replacement or is the root problem faulty wiring itself? And if so, how far back does the fault go – the connection to the switch, to a splice box, to a sub-panel, to the main panel, or even into the underground conduit piping connecting your home to the power grid? At each point along the way, a problem may arise – and the further it might go, the bigger the problem may be – that only a professional electrician can repair.

Proper Installation

After providing the customer with a proper diagnosis of what exactly is unfolding in the home, the next step is properly fixing the problem(s) and installing new materials. All residential housing electrical work is governed by constantly-changing county and city codes. It's our full-time job to keep up with them and it is the full-time job of your local building inspectors to root out any and every violation of these codes that might be occurring. Rather than being a simple hindrance to homeowner self-repairs, these codes exist strictly to reduce the risk of everything from small occurrences, like the tripping of breakers, to major occurrences, like the igniting of electrical fires (the details of which, by the way, your insurance company will want to know about as well).

Years of experience, passing state contractor's licensing exams, studying electrical codes, and working with every aspect of electrical infrastructure on a daily basis ensure that a professional electrician will be able to properly install every connection of current running in your home.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

All of our work rests upon our core principles of increasing the design, value, and safety of our clients' homes. We take great pride in having extensive experience in diagnosing and properly fixing any electrical repairs and doing the job right the first time. Our Charlotte electrical repair team wants to save homeowners money by reducing the likelihood of even more needed electrical repairs in the future due to faulty installation. When all of these factors are added up, it means that instead of worrying about worst-case scenarios, our clients will be able to rest upon the convenience of having a professional electrician with years of experience completing the work for them.

There is no electrical problem too complex for the team at On Time Electrical. Contact us today to schedule your next repair service!

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