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outlet and light switch installation Charlotte

Dependaworthy Outlet & Switch Repair, Installation & Replacement

On Time Electrical offers electrical outlet and light switch installation for your home and business, whether you need ambient dimmer switches for the office or weatherproof outlets for the backyard. If you’re looking for repairs, replacement, or installation, our team of Charlotte electricians has the experience and expertise to tackle the project, regardless of size or emergency. Contact us today so we can help you get the power you need.

Faulty Outlets & Switches

It may be obvious when you need new outlets or switches, but minor issues often fly under your radar. A problem left unfixed can turn into a major hazard. How can you know you need a professional?

You don’t need to wait only for outlet and light switch installation. Contact our Dependaworthy Charlotte electricians if:

  • An outlet or switch stops working
  • The outlet can no longer hold a plug
  • Sparks appear when using a plug
  • Any part of the outlet gives off an electric shock
  • A switch produces a cracking sound
  • Breakers trip when using an outlet
  • You have an older house with several two-prong outlets

Make sure every switch and outlet is Dependaworthy

If you believe your outlets and switches need replacing, call On Time Electrical—trusted Charlotte electricians. Dependaworthy means we do the job right the first time. Whether you need commercial or residential electrical services, our clean, professional, and certified electricians are here to help.