Here Is Your Electrical Checklist Before Leaving Home for Vacation

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Vacations are a great way to escape the normal routine. For many, vacations are much needed from time to time. But, with vacationing, comes the preparation and planning. Not only planning for the vacation itself, like what sights you’re going to see and where you’re going to stay, but also planning from your checklist before leaving home for vacation.

One factor that you must consider before heading out of town is your electrical system. Nothing will ruin your vacation more than a call from the fire department breaking the news of an electrical fire. In order to make sure your home is protected and that you’re not wasting a significant amount of energy, it’s best to follow an electrical checklist before leaving home for vacation.

Reach out to the electrical experts at On Time Electrical today! We’re the number one electrical company in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, and there’s no electrical problem we can’t solve. We have helped thousands prepare their electrical system before a vacation and we have the skills needed to solve each and every one of your electrical needs. So before you leave home for your much-anticipated vacation, we highly recommend the following electrical checklist before leaving home for vacation:

Use a Timer for Your Lights

While vacations mean great times with friends and family, it also means that your house is more susceptible to burglary. The biggest culprit of a home robbery are the lights! There are criminals that check neighborhoods for homes without any lights on. If multiple nights go by without any lights on in a home, a robbery could possibly be a result.

Coming home from any vacation is hard enough, but coming home to a home that has been robbed or burgled is a terrible situation to be in. A solution to this issue involves the use of timers. These timers can be programmed any way you wish, but we recommend having them turn your lights on and off a few hours each night. This will give off the impression that someone is actually home. Have questions? Reach out to the professionals at On Time Electrical for more information!

Set Your Thermostat

A common mistake homeowner’s make before heading on vacation is forgetting to adjust the thermostat. Our heating and cooling systems are something that we tend to forget about from time to time. We get caught up in everyday life and forget that they’re even there. But by not setting your thermostat efficiently, you could be dealing with hefty utility bills and a shorter lifespan for your system.

Wondering what is the best temperature to set your thermostat? Most people tend to set it a few degrees warmer than normal. That will help you save on energy bills while still keeping air circulating inside your home. While turning your thermostat completely off sounds like the most cost-effective solution, the circulation of air helps prevent mold and humidity issues.

Unplug Your Electronics

Another mistake that homeowners make when leaving for long periods is not unplugging their electronics. While it might be a hassle to unplug each and every electronic device in your home, it will help you save energy and takes the stress away from a possible electrical fire. Leaving them plugged in while on vacation can mean more money for you. Before heading out the door, unplug your microwave, TV, stereo, and any other device that sucks up energy.

Adjust Your Water Heater Settings

Many people don’t even know this exists, but most water heaters out there have a “vacation” setting. In order to keep up with the hot water in your home, your water heater constantly warms water throughout the day, depending on how much hot water is needed. Setting your water heater to vacation mode will allow it to run less frequently, which will help you save on your energy bills. If your water heater doesn’t have this setting, consider lowering the temperature before you head out the door.

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When was the last time you had an electrical system checkup? If it’s been over a year, we highly recommend giving us a call to schedule an appointment. With the danger that comes with electrical problems, having an inspection is highly beneficial to the protection of you and your family. Call us today to make an appointment and help with your checklist before leaving home for vacation!