How to Avoid Mistakes and Practice Proper Electrical Safety

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You may find the basics of electrical safety to be fairly simple, but the details get tricky fast. From fuses to wiring, there’s a lot to know about electrical safety and unfortunately mistakes are all too common. It’s crucial that you understand what you’re doing before you do any type of real work. We’ve compiled several of the more common errors below, but we recommend an experienced general electrician in Charlotte to help save you from potential blunders, mishaps and even disasters.Electrical safety1. Your Circuit Breakers Must Be Working Properly

  • It’s possible that they are, but not at all guaranteed. The longer they go without being used, the more likely they are to have some sort of malfunction somewhere. Even if you know that they’ve been in use, you still need to exercise caution to practice proper electrical safety, prevent personal injury, and prevent damage to the breakers.

2. Practicing With Low-Voltage Appliances Is Safe

  • You may reason that even if you mess things up, there are only so many things that could go wrong. The amount of voltage delivered to you would be about the same as one of those joke hand buzzers, so you can perfect your skills without taking too much risk. In reality, even low voltage can spell out danger ( if the conditions are right. Water is the most obvious danger, but other elements can interfere as well. Practice proper electrical safety by making sure you insulate yourself as much as possible before you think about starting even the most routine work.

3. My House is Already Protected from Lightning

  • Odds are you’ve never had any real problems with lightning. When there’s no immediate threat in our lives, we tend to forget about it. When lightning does strike though, it can be incredibly devastating. Consulting an electrician in Charlotte can be the smartest move in this case to save you money, time and even your life. Electricians have skills and experience to set up preventative measures to protect both your home and your family. There are a lot of myths about lightning out there from where it strikes, to the intensity of how it will strike to when it will strike. Don’t leave yourself open to lightning damage that it can do when it hits.

4. The Most Important Information Will Be Covered in the Beginning of the Manual

  • If you think of yourself as a do-it-yourself warrior, then you’re probably used to a lot of different types of manuals and what it takes to practice proper electrical safety. Electrical work isn’t the same thing as putting together a bookshelf though, and skipping even one piece of information can mean severe consequences for you. If you don’t fully comprehend or understand the terms in a manual, then you’re better off getting a professional involved.

You may be perfectly capable of changing a fuse or understand wiring, or under the assumption that you are practicing proper electrical safety, but with the amount of incorrect information out there you need to be extra careful with electricity. Stay smart, keep the essentials of electrical safety in the back of your mind, and get the experts involved when you need help. If you have any questions or need the help of one of our Charlotte electricians, please call us at (980) 643-8978 today!