How To Save On Your Electric Bill This Summer

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Summer is great…right until you get the electricity bill! We know you have asked yourself how to save on your electric bill. It’s tough to relax with bills like this, but there are ways to cut that bill back down to size.

Keep reading to discover five ways to save on your electric bill this summer!

Better Insulation

One of the big things driving up your electricity bill is actually poor insulation. This can cause the cool air to escape in your house and force your air conditioning to work overtime.
The key to fixing this is to identify spaces in the walls and then adding insulation to those areas. In some cases, it can be as simple as putting spray foam into areas where you have drilled holes.

Of course, this all hinges on the idea that you will be able to personally identify all of the areas of poor insulation that need to be fixed.

New Thermostat

Thermostats have been getting more sophisticated for many years now. Unfortunately, many people only use the most basic functionality of these devices.

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, buy one and have your electrician install it. Once it’s set up, you have a world of possibilities open to you.

For instance, you can program it to go to different temperatures at different points of the day, allowing you to naturally adjust to the daily temperature changes. And you can raise the temperature when no one is at home and lower it before you get back, meaning no electricity is wasted cooling an empty house!

Smart Home

We are most definitely living in an age of “smart” electronics. Everything from washers to ovens and lights now can now be programmed and controlled by apps on your smartphone.

These devices can ultimately save you a lot of money on your electric bill, but they require a bit of setting up. For instance, you may need your electrician’s help installing and setting up some of these devices.

Once they are set up, though, you can have the “smart” benefits throughout your entire home. You can program certain devices to turn off at particular times (so they are not unnecessarily using electricity) and adjust others as needed (keeping the lights off at your home until a minute before you pull into the driveway, for instance).

Think of these devices as investments. They are typically more expensive than other versions of these products, but they help you to save money on electricity every day.


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. And when it comes to saving money on electricity, the simplest thing to do is to unplug devices that aren’t being used.

Many people make the rookie mistake of assuming that if something is turned off, it’s not being used. This leads them to leave plenty of things like toasters and hair dryers just perpetually plugged in.

However, these energy “vampires” are quietly sucking away at electricity the entire time. And it all adds up to a much bigger bill each month than you might be expecting. Fortunately, you can defeat these energy vampires quite easily by establishing a nightly routine. Make sure everything non-essential is unplugged before you go to sleep!

New Fans

One big way to reduce your electric bill in the summer is to rely more on fans than you rely on your air conditioning. And while you’re at it, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your fans!

Most of us associate fans with pulling on wires or hitting switches on the wall. However, wireless fans can completely change how you stay cool, both during the summer and throughout the year.

As the name implies, wireless fans allow you to remotely control them with a simple device. You can adjust the speed you want as well as simply turn them on and off.

These devices are pretty great, but can sometimes be difficult for homeowners to install. It’s better if you call your On Time electrician to set things up so everything is setup perfectly, and you can get right to relaxing!

Call in a Pro and Learn How to Save on Your Electric Bill

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