Huntersville Electrical Grounding

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Dependaworthy Huntersville Electrical Grounding Keeps Your Electrical System Safe

A properly done Huntersville electrical grounding helps prevent electrical shocks and fires. That’s why On Time Electrical ensures your system is connected to a ground that reduces the voltage to zero. That gives you added security and peace of mind if an electrical short occurs.

Older buildings, especially those built 20 years ago, are prone to grounding issues. If you often hear a low buzzing sound of electrical current or feel small shocks when touching metal like your pipes or other appliances, this is a warning signal that you may have grounding problems. Count on On Time Electrical to troubleshoot and correct this critical issue promptly.

Huntersville electrical grounding

Importance of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

Water and electricity don’t mix. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas on your property with a water source, ensure that you have a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI installed in your outlets. Like your circuit breaker, a GFCI outlet stops or trips the power flow as soon as it senses any abnormality.

Installing Dependaworthy GFCI outlets offers many advantages, including:

  • Protect you from shocks and electrocution
  • Prevents electrical fires
  • Protects your electrical appliances from surge damage

Contact our Huntersville electricians immediately if your home or business is not outfitted with ground fault circuit interrupters. On Time Electrical can provide a thorough inspection and pinpoint the areas requiring GFCI for your safety.

Need 220 Wiring?

Commercial systems and large appliances like air conditioners and dryers usually require 220 volts of electricity. As a result, you must get a 220/240-volt circuit installed in your home or office. This is not a job to do on your own. Calling On Time Electrical ensures the job is done right so you can avoid dangerous electrical issues in the future.

Be on the Safe Side: Call a Huntersville Electrician

At On Time Electrical, we always put your safety first. You can depend on us to handle your commercial and residential electrical needs, including proper electrical wiring. Our Dependaworthy electricians ensure a job is done right the first time.