Top 5 Home Electrical Repair Questions Answered

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If you’ve ever needed an electrical repair, then you realize how stressful the situation can be. Given the importance of our electrical systems, fixing these problems becomes a top priority. But no matter what issue you’re having with your electrical system, it can lead to a costly repair or additional electrical problems throughout your home.If you suspect you have an electrical issue, reach out to On Time Electrical today. From home electrical repair to a completely new wiring installation, our team of top-notch electricians can handle your needs quickly and effectively. In order to know you have an electrical problem, you must first know what to look out for. In this post, we’ll dive into the top 5 electrical repair questions out there and their answers. Let’s begin!

Why Do My Lights Flicker?

If you notice that one or more lights have been constantly flickering inside your home, it could be something minor or it could be something more serious. Usually, flickering lights mean that your bulb is going out, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes flickering lights can be caused by a high-power machine starting up, such as your HVAC system or microwave. More often than not, the only thing you’ll notice is a temporary flickering of your lights.

Flickering lights become dangerous when all your lights start flickering at once. This could mean power arching, which happens when energy current jumps between small gaps in wire connections. This can cause a lot of heat in your electrical components, which poses an extreme fire hazard. If you’re constantly noticing your lights flickering, it’s best to give On Time Electrical a call to see if you have a serious problem on your hands.

Can I Make a Home Electrical Repair on My Own?

One of the most asked questions about electrical repair is if you can make a home electrical repair on your own. Given the dangers of the electrical currents in our electrical systems, it becomes very dangerous if you begin tampering with wires; especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. A lack of experience working with electrical systems can leave you unprepared to deal with dangerous obstacles along the way. Even the easiest electrical repairs can pose some serious dangers and the slightest mistake can cause more electrical problems or even a devastating fire.

Even if you’re confident that you can handle an electrical repair on your own, take a step back and think consider the risks involved. Not only do you risk making the problem worse, you’re risking severe damage to your home. If you need an electrical repair in Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas, give On Time Electrical a call. Our electricians have decades of experience in the industry and they’ve fixed all of the electrical problems out there.

Why Are My Light bulbs Burning Out Frequently?

If your light bulbs are burning out frequently, you could be dealing with some electrical problems. While the issues are usually minor, it can cause some serious problems. Most light bulbs should last over two years depending on how much they’re used, so if you notice that your light bulbs are only lasting a few weeks or a few months, an electrical issue could be the culprit.

One common reason for this problem is that there is too much heat around your bulbs. Ceiling fans with light bulbs have this issue when there are enclosures around the bulbs, which increases the heat level. The common LED bulbs are very sensitive to heat, so these bulbs might not last if excessive heat is in the area.

Another reason why your light bulbs might be burning out frequently is a bad connection. If there is a bad connection, it can be sending mixed voltage levels to your light bulb, which might shorten its life. To help fix the problem, make sure your wires are connected correctly and seek an electrician to make sure everything is working properly.

Why is My Electric Bill So High?

If you’re wondering why your electric bill is at an extreme level, you’re not alone. Although there are many factors that relate to a high energy bill, problems with your electrical system can be a serious culprit.

In order to lower costs, sometimes changing electric providers can be a great solution. Different companies offer different rates so it’s best to shop around for the best prices.

Power surges are another culprit to high energy bills. These surges use a huge amount of power, which can be noticed on your energy bills. If you frequently have power surges in your home, high energy bills could certainly be a result.

In order to lower costs, fixing your electrical problems is vital. Electrical issues have a direct effect on your energy usage and these problems can lead to tons of wasted energy. To repair your electrical components, reach out to the electrical experts at On Time Electrical.

Why Am I Having Frequent Electrical Surges?

Power surges can happen from poorly installed wiring, lightning strikes, faulty home appliances, or downed power lines. Power surges are common and only happen for about a microsecond. But if you’re constantly having electrical surges, you could be damaging your home appliances and devices. While this equipment might still work for the time being, constant power surges can lower the lifespan of these home components. Furthermore, you’re putting your home at a greater risk of a fire. If you’re noticing frequent power surges, it’s best to call a professional electrician right away.

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