Top Tips for Baby Proofing Your Home Electrical Items

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How to Baby Proof Your HomeLet’s face it, electronics are a big part of our lives. From televisions to cell phones,we spend most of our time using electronics. In our cars, while walking down the street, or while drinking coffee at a local coffee shop — chances are you are using your cell phone or laptop. And when we think about using electronics in our homes, it’s even more common to see them in use. From video game consoles, to televisions and home stereos, home electronics are a big aspect of our lives and our homes.

Given that we use more than a dozen different electronic items on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure your family is staying safe. With the high-powered electronics that we use nowadays (and how often we use them), it’s more important than ever to ensure you and your family are staying protected. Especially if you have small children, electronics can be very dangerous.

If you have a young one crawling around your home, keeping him or her safe from electronics becomes a top priority. Some of these products put off a lot of electricity, and they can be deadly if they come into contact with your children. So, if you have a lot of electronics laying around, baby proofing your home is very important for their safety. We all know that babies and small children like to get into everything. Improve the protection of your home today!

Need tips for baby proofing your home? Check out our suggestions below:

Protection from Electrical Outlets

One of the leading ways for children to get electrocuted involves tampering with electrical outlets. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, about 2,400 kids each year suffer from extreme shocks and burns due to tampering with electrical outlets. Furthermore, more than a dozen children die from this every single year.

Although these outlets are very small, your baby’s fingers can still fit into these holes, which might result in a shock. In order to keep your children protected, there are several ways to prevent this situation from happening.

When looking for ways to baby-proof your home, you first should understand what kind of electrical outlets you have. Before 2008, standard electrical outlets were used. Since then, it has been mandatory that tamper-resistant outlets are installed in homes. With these outlets, the flow of electricity only works when both prongs are plugged in. If your child decides to stick their finger inside one of the holes, they’ll be safe. So whether your home uses old electrical outlets or you just want extra outlet protection, check out the following solutions for electrical outlet safety:

Outlet Caps

One of the most common (and affordable) ways to cover electrical outlets lies with outlet caps. These simple-to-use caps are small pieces of plastic used to cover your electrical outlets. They simply plug into your outlet and make it very difficult for your child to tamper with. The back of these covers are flat and make it nearly impossible for your baby to take off. A downside to this method is that you must take these covers off when you want to use the outlet. In addition, in the event these covers come off, it then becomes a choking hazard.

Outlet Covers

Another option that many prefer are outlet covers. These are a little more expensive and a little harder to install, but the benefits might make it worth it. The covers work by the use of a plastic piece sliding from left to right. When you’re using the outlet, simply slide the covering so the holes are exposed. When the outlet isn’t in use, simply slide the cover to the closed position. With this method, you don’t have to worry about any choking hazards.

Cord Protection

Another leading cause of electrical problems with children involves the tampering of electrical cords. From pulling these cords out of the wall to tripping over them, these cords can pose some serious concerns. Although pulling out these cords don’t usually result in a shock, it can be very inconvenient and a tad dangerous.

An easy solution involves moving furniture in front of the plug. However, this method isn’t always available. Another solution lies with another type of outlet cover. These covers include a box that fits over your outlet while cords are plugged in. For electronics that are constantly plugged in, this is a great method.

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